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Design lamp-Didjlight

"tradition meets high-tech"
"light meets music"

A musical instrument becomes a designer lamp and receives the "Red-Dot-Award" for "Quick Change Artist"

When taken from its base the DidjLIGHT becomes a musical instrument. The Australian aborigines call this instrument Didgeridoo and is made from the wood of the Eucalyptus tree. We have developed a high tech version made of glass. The glass didgeridoo stands upright on stainless steal base and the actual light shines through the glass tube to create the atmosphere of a light-sculpture and has received the "Red-Dot-Award" from the "Design-Centre of Nordrheinwestfalen".
Through its minimal design the standard lamp DidjLight is impressive. A halogen bulb is fitted into a round stainless steel base which radiates through an upright 112/125/146cm long glass tube. Additional coloured glass filters can be placed over the bulb socket giving the DidjLIGHT the coloured aura of a light installation from Dan Flavian.

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