By the help of massages we are able to relax. The massage contributes our physical and mental wllness.
Escape from the monotony of everyday life...

Discover the positive effects of massage.....

Brainshower for the head massage. The massage with "Brainshower" has a positive effect on thoughts, memory and coordination skills. The massage of the scalp stimulates the circulation and immune system....more you can find in our Shop


Finger-Massage-Ring - isn't an usual finger ring. It's a high quality product made of silver or golden plated stainless steel. The stimulating massage with this ring effects relaxation and energy flow.
The ring benefits wellbeing and keeps your fingers fit and agile. Especially on finger accentuating activities a massage with the FMR is recommendable.

Daily massage with the ring can :

       ameliorate blood circulation
       stabilise your health
       strengthen your immune defense
       vitalise organ functions
       stimulate finger meridians

more you can find in our shop