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The organic alternative for your washing machine: Organic-Soapnuts from India

  • purely herbal ingredients
  • usable for the washing machine
  • environmentally friendly (biodegradable)
  • unproblematic for allergy sufferers*
  • tissue-conserving
  • economical

*allergies with traditional washing agents

Soapnut or soapberry (Sapindus Mukorossi) is mainly originated in north of India and is used as washing agent and detergent since hundreds of years. The shells contain saponin, a high effectively ingredient, which the plant produces to protect against varmints. This saponin has high detergence. Soapnuts are light to dark brown, dry till gluey and of different hardness. Soapnutshells qualifies excellent as washing agent in washing machine. When soapnutshells get in contact with water at once develops a soapy lye with mild lathers. The good quality attributes are suitable also in other areas. If soapnutshells will be cooked with water it result an antibacterial liquid, which is excellent dedicated as universal cleanser in household. Especially for persons suffering from an allergy or neurodermatitis and who are not able to tolerate chemical additives of usual washing powders find in soapnuts a real recommendable alternative. Soapnuts are a nature product growing again. In opposite of conventional cleansers waters, rivers and seas don’ t will be burdened. After using the rests of soapnuts are biodegradable (composting).


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