for more than 20 years the focus of our product selection is destined especially in ecological compatibility, crafted manufacturing and high functionality.
Fascination in the “Original” promotes close co-operation with our producers and ensures a continual quality of products.

The conditions for the success of our products:

A great personal commitment for the original, the intensive evaluation of the products and its production before the commercialization, a close cooperation with the producers, the constant examination of all product features as well as the usage of laboratories for quality assurance.

Under our registered trademark FINIgrana we distribute natural cosmetics. One main emphasis is the wide range of Aleppo Soap. Aleppo is the famous location in Syria, where soap makers invented solid soaps 1200 years ago, based on usage of pure vegetable ingredients olive - and laurel oil. Even today FINigrana Aleppo Soap is produced in traditional authentic soap manufacture at the original site. Our assortment comprises classical handcutted and matured Aleppo Soaps, formed Aleppo olive and laurel soaps, Aleppo scented soaps (completed with pure natural ethereal oils), particular recipes of Aleppo Soap.
We are certified through BDIH as controlled natural cosmetics and without animal tests (we are member of IHTK eV)

Under our registered trademark BIOASE we produce and distribute organic foods. Specialities are BIOASE Tigernut Products. Already the Egyptians appreciated the fruits of umbrella flat sedge as cultivated and food plant. It contains much precious ingredients, has a high dietary fibre part, delicious, sweet and nutty taste. BIOASE Tigernut flower is varied applicable by preparation of full value food, muesli, sweets and desserts. BIOASE Tigernut Edible Oil, made in first cold pressure and has a specific nutty aroma, so it’s excellent qualified for refinement of delicious food: Further Tigernut oil is very heat resistant and also usable for bakery, roast and deep-fry.